Computer Inventory Management System

* Project Status:

The project is presently in design phase. Although some code has been completed which might finally end up in the product and it can be downloaded from the file release section.

* What it is:

It will be Central Software Distribution & Remote Computer Management System for small group of computer with an NT domain. It will also have centralized hardware and software inventory management. It will also have the capability to remote administration.

* What it working:

Presently following things are working, but note they are still not ready for use in production. They have Thousands of unknown bugs as no error handling is present in the code.
  1. DirInfo: It returns the longest subfolder under a given folder 
  2. SysInfo: It returns the details
  3. RemoteExecute: This might be the basic engine of the software. Presently this program lets you execute any program silently on remote machine. You have to provide the path of the executable on remote machine. ie if say notepad.exe is stored in c:\windows\ folder on remote machine then you have to provide c:\windows\notepad.exe in the file section.
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